I'm about tired

Of my Job.
I work at a retirement community helping old people throughout the day. In addition to helping with their day to day tasks, I also serve dinner from 4-6. It's actually swell.
It's not that I'm tired of the Job, or that I don't like it. I love interacting with the elderly and I'm friends with, well almost every single one of them. I am simply tired of Management.

So I ask, what sort of Job should I attempt to attain while "hesitantly" going through college?
What do you do? And how happy are you with it?


  1. Well its usually good to work something related to what you are studying, at least just assisting, they pay bad but at least you can start gaining experience

  2. I never could deal with Management. They always viewed me as a threat... not that they were wrong, I was constantly vying for their job... So now I work for myself.